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At Supports Direct, we have been specialising in quality medical support products for over half a decade, and we pride ourselves on our professional advice, exceptional customer service and quality support products, aiding clients in a speedy recovery form injuries and preventing them from having to suffer through medical problems.

What is a Magnetic Knee Support?

At Supports Direct, we provide high quality magnetic knee supports which aid in providing a welcome relief on knee joints. Knee joints often endure the strain of daily activities such as simply walking, standing, climbing stairs or engaging in exercise or sports. Magnetic knee supports provide high levels of support for people of all ages who would benefit from additional support, either because of weak joints which may be prone to injuries, or after an injury for joints which are recovering.

A magnetic knee support is a support to be placed around the knee joint, with magnets strategically placed, particularly around the knee cap, to help reduce pain. Magnetic therapy is an alternative medical practise which has been used for many years as a drug-free, non-invasive solution. Magnets have been used by many people over hundreds of years as pain relief and treatment for swelling.

If you go to your medical specialist regarding knee pain, they are likely to recommend the use of a magnetic knee support to aid your recovery.

What is a Magnetic Knee Support Used For?

Magnetic knee supports can be used for people of all ages who need support after having suffered an injury to their knee, or if their knee/s is/are weak and in need of additional support. The magnetic knee support can help relieve pain and strains in the knee area, providing support for people with weaker knees, and can even prevent injuries to the knee from happening.

The general wear and tear of everyday life; activities such as walking, playing sports and lifting heavy items can cause your knee to grind down the joint, weakening it and possibly causing more serious issues in the future. Many sports people choose to wear knee braces during their sports games and exercise regimes, such as weightlifting and squats, or during football or rugby games to prevent injury.

Approximately 160,000 hip and knee replacements are performed each year. If you fear that you may have weak knees, a magnetic knee support may well prevent you from having to undergo this procedure.

How does the Magnetic Knee Support Work?

Magnetic therapy is said to work via a mixture of several different methods, which are all relevant to the magnetic knee support we provide at Supports Direct. The magnetic knee support works in the following ways:

Knee Pain

• Increased blood flow

The magnets within the magnetic knee support are said to create magnetic fields which are said to attract and repel charged blood particle, creating movement and warmth in the blood steam, thus increasing the blood flow around the injury. Blood vessels will widen, allowing for more oxygen and nutrients to access the area of injury. It is thought that this will reduce swelling and allow for more movement in the stiff joint.

• Reduced sensation of pain

Magnets are said to activate the nervous system, reducing the pain signals sent to the brain and relieving the pain sensation around the area of injury, in this case the knee joint.

• General Health Benefits

Aside from benefitting only the area around the knee where the magnets are placed, magnetic therapy is also thought to promote a person’s general health and well-being. Research has suggested that magnetic fields are present in all living things, including a person’s body. Some experts believe that imbalances of magnetic fields can cause pain and a less effective immune system. Use of magnetics may restore magnetic balance, thus relieving pain and chances of infection.

Why Choose a Magnetic Knee Support from Supports Direct?

At Supports Direct, we pride ourselves on delivering only the very best quality products for our clients. We care about the health and well-being of our clients, and we are extremely proud to provide specialist magnetic knee supports which can significantly reduce pain and strain to the knees, and prevent any injury to weak knees.

Magnetic Knee Supports

The magnetic knee supports we provide are all adaptable in size, an essential element of the design for its effectiveness to provide the correct amount of support. The support will fit very comfortably around the joint, ensuring it does not inflict any discomfort, making them wearable for any occasion. The magnetic knee supports we supply are discreet and wearable under most items of clothing, fitting very well underneath your usual items. The magnetic knee supports we provide are made from light weight material, ensuing they do not weigh down the joint further or put any strain on the joint. The material is also flexible and breathable; this means that they are perfect for use in sporting activities and physical movement.

Eight strong magnetics are pre-fixed into the support, providing the optimum amount of comfort along with support.

Here at Supports Direct, we ensure that all our products are put through rigorous testing, to find out if they are of good enough quality for our clients. All our products have been approved by our specialists, affirming that they will provide fast and effective pain relief which you can rely on. You can count on Supports Direct to supply you with a magnetic knee support which will ensure your speedy recovery and prevent you from ever having to deal with knee injuries in the future.

At Supports Direct, we ensure that we continually update our stock to ensure that we are delivering the most up to date and innovative solutions for our clients. Each member of staff has a strong understanding of the medical supports market, and are passionate about providing our customers with the high standard of stock and services with have shown since the beginning of our trade. For more information on our magnetic knee supports or any other medical support products we supply, our staff are always happy to advise you on which support item may be useful for your needs. Call us today on 01604 493385 for more advice and support.

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