Medical Grade Bad Posture Corrector - Correct Back, Shoulder, Lumbar Problems.

  • Wearing this posture support a couple of hours a day will act as a reminder to improve your posture.
  • Comfortable to wear, this elastic woven cotton brace has shoulder pads to reduce pressure.
  • Acts as a gentle reminder to keep your posture in the correct position. This will create muscle memory.
  • For the best results fast, use the brace as part of a regular exercise routine focusing on stretching & strengthening the back & stomach muscles
  • Please measure around your stomach and refer to the size guide in the item description or last image.

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Product Description


• MHRA Registered Class 1 Medical Device
• Unisex support can be worn by both male and female
• Correct rounded shoulders and slouching
• A gentle reminder to corrector your posture
• Become more aware of your posture
• Discreet and comfortable to wear
• Assists in the re-training of muscles
• Wearing it reminds you to sit up straight
• Naturally improves posture, even when you’re not wearing it
• Relief from indigestion and erratic bowl habits
• Completely adjustable with 2 removable plastic stays
• Shoulder pads for added comfort
• Reminder to keep your shoulders positioned correctly


Do you suffer from?

Poor Posture - Backaches - Curvature of the spine (Scoliosis) - Osteoporosis - mild to moderate Kyphosis - slumped shoulders - indigestion and erratic bowl - Neck and shoulder pain.

Then wearing this posture support, for a couple of hours a day, when combine with a focused exercise and stretching routine, will greatly improve all of these conditions.

Create a posture you can be proud of!

The brace acts as a gentle reminder to keep your shoulders and posture in the correct position. After a while this creates muscle memory, so when you’ve taken it off you can still feel it working, until correct posture becomes natural to you.

It’s made from cotton woven with elastic, so the brace is comfortable but stretchy. There are two extra pads that sit on the straps on top of your shoulders to reduce pressure. The brace also contains two removable plastic stays that run down either side of your spine for added support.

The beige colour brace is discrete enough to be worn under clothing. It can also be worn on top of clothing for added comfort.

Wearing the brace for 3 hours a day for 7 days will improve your posture

It’s recommended that you Do Not wear this brace for more than 3 hours a day.

You cannot just wear it and expect the brace to pull your body into shape. If you do you'll cause more problems for yourself.

The support will not be supporting, instead it will be doing all of the work and you’ll be relying on it too much. This won’t help your condition. Most back problems are mainly due to weak muscles, or the muscles not being used in the correct fashion.

If you rely solely on the back brace, your muscles won’t be used and in-fact you’ll get worst.

To gain the best results fast, the brace should be used with a regular exercise routine that focuses on stretching and strengthening the back and stomach muscles. A course of physiotherapy will also help but this can be expensive.

Get rid of bad posture once and for all!


Size Guide:

Please measure around your waist.

S = 70 – 80cm

M = 80 – 90cm

L = 90 – 100cm

XL = 100 – 110cm

XXL =110 – 120cm

We are not addressing anyone's personal situation. If in doubt please consult with your doctor or physiotherapist before buying.



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