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Size Guide:

Small = UK Size 6 to 9
Large = UK Size 8 to 12.

This is a Trim to fit item



  - NeoPhysio Sports Orthotic Insoles have been designed specifically for active people and will fit the majority of sports shoes;

  - Provides superior support and shock absorption to keep active feet comfortable, as well as protected and pain-free. Can reduce heel, knee, shin and hip pain. Prevent bone, fat pad, ligament, tendon and muscle damage;

  - TPU outer shell adds support to the NeoPhysio Orthotic Insoles, which corrects walking imbalances and realigns the foot and ankle bones to their neutral position to take pressure off the balls of the feet;

  - Feature a special arch support system that accommodates the most-common arch shape and height, protects and cushions this area to relieve pain;

  - Available in two different sizes: Small and Large.


NeoPhysio Sports Orthotic Insoles have been designed for active people and provide the necessary support and protection in most sports, including high-impact sports such as football, basketball, tennis and running.

The NeoPhysio Insoles feature a new dual-layer impact technology that provides superior shock absorption at the heel – where the impact is felt the most when we move on our feet. By absorbing shock and reducing the impact to the heel, the NeoPhysio Orthotic Insoles can reduce heel pain.

While correcting foot and walking postures, these insoles can help to relieve heel, knee, shin and hip pain caused by misalignment and instability.

The NeoPhysio Orthotic Insoles also feature a raised metatarsal dome made from medical poron, which adds cushioning at the forefoot for added support. This dome can reduce pain in the ball of the foot caused by a number of different conditions, including metatarsalgia and Morton's neuroma, as well as prevent stress fractures. 

Available in two sizes: Small = UK Size 6 to 9 and Large = UK Size 8 to 12. This is a Trim to fit item.

Non-slip base keeps the insoles in place


(No reviews yet) Write a Review