Silicone Gel Arch Supports | Great For Foot Arch Pain Relief - 2 Pack


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Product Overview

Brand: NeoPhysio

Color: Beige


  • Perfect for: Flat Feet, Fallen Arches, High Insteps, Heel Pain, High or Weak Arches, PTTD
  • Soft and flexible they provide a soft cushion for your foot arch
  • The stretchy nylon material keeps the silicone wedge in place
  • Can be worn inside shoes, boots, slippers, etc. NOT SUITABLE FOR WIDE FEET
  • Two in a pack marked for Left and Right foot. One size will fit all (Adults)



Wearing this product will bring pain relief from the following conditions:

Flat Feet,
Fallen Arches,
High Insteps,
Ball of foot pain,
Heal Pain,
High or Weak Arches,
PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction)

Great if you have to spend all day on your feet!

The elasticated nylon material keeps the silicon wedge in place. You can wear them inside shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, etc. Or on bare feet and over the top of socks, tights, etc.

The silicon wedge has been molded to the shape of your arch, the nylon has been marked left and right so you will know which wedge is for correct foot.

Very easy to put on, just put your foot in the elasticated nylon tube and pull it up to your arch.

Very comfy to wear. Lots of customers report that after a while they do not even notice they are wearing them.

This is a one size fits all item. Not suitable for children, small or large feet (size 12 and above).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review