Protector Your Bunion With a Pack of 2 Gel Bunion Correctors

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Brand: NeoPhysio


  • 2 Gel Bunion Protectors in a Pack - One Size Fits All Adults up to Shoe Size 10
  • Can be worn with shoes and trainers - Can be worn on either big toe
  • Instantly reduce your bunion and hammer toe discomfort
  • The pressure over time will realign your toe joints
  • Helps to prevent callous and corns from forming



Instantly reduce the daily discomfort of bunion and hammer toe pain.

These soft gel shields protect your bunion from knocks and bumps instantly relieving pain.

Worn every day they will gentle realign toes to their natural position. Over time this will relieve your bunion and hammer toe pain.

The gel protectors can be worn while wearing shoes or trainers, this protects your bunion, and stops friction and pressure building up.

Very simply to use, just slip one over your big toe, the gel separator fits comfortably between the big toe and the second toe.

The pressure of the gel separator will gradually re-align them. Not suitable for severe bunions, if your toes have crossed then this little protector will not help you.