Hinged Knee Brace Open Fronted Design | Medical Grade


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Product Overview

Size Guide

Please measure around your knee with your leg slightly bent.

S = 34-38cm.
M = 38-42cm.
L = 42-46cm.
XL = 46-50cm.
XXL = 50-54cm.
3XL = 54-58cm.


Brand: NeoPhysio


  • 2 large aluminum hinges are secured either side of the knee.
  • The open front design makes putting on and taking off very easy.
  • Suitable for both left and right knees.
  • High quality, padded neoprene material is comfortable to wear.
  • Please measure around your knee with your leg slightly bent.



Putting on and taking off this brace is very easy because of the open fronted design.

Just slip the brace behind your knee, then fastener the two large Velcro tabs above and below your knee. The two wraparound Velcro straps are used to provide extra stability and helps with adjusting the tightness of the brace.

The hinges are removable so you can wash the brace, also as your knee recovers you can remove them and use neoprene material and Velcro straps to provide the support. Gradually reducing the support will help with the rehabilitation of your knee.

This support is perfect for improving stability around the whole of your knee.

The brace features two aluminium hinges that are positioned on either side of the knee.

The hinges combined with the neoprene material and large Velcro straps, improves stability around the whole knee. Two large Velcro straps can be tightened for an individual fit. Ensuring your knee is kept stabilized during any activity.

The inside of the brace is well padded for maximum comfort. The soft white pads are fixed with Velcro and can be moved around for a custom fit. By wearing the brace over the top of some base layer leggings / compression leggings will also improve comfort.

The open patella design provides ventilation and relieves pressure on the knee cap.

The flexible neoprene material provides compression and warmth by trapping your body heat around the whole knee area.

Compression and warmth can aid, and in some cases, speed up healing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review