NeoPhysio Adjustable 3D Knitted Elastic Compression Sleeve Knee Support with Patella Gel Pad & 2 Protective Stays for Runners, Weightlifters, or Professional Athletes

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Product Overview

Brand: NeoPhysio

Colour: Blue

Material: Created with advanced 3D knitting technology


  • NeoPhysio Knee Support Sleeve is made from high-quality elastic and breathable material using Advanced 3 dimensional knitting Designed for full mobility & comfort. Wearing NeoPhysio Knee Support Sleeve combines both style and function – enhancing your performance like never before;
  • Anatomically shaped to prevent injuries and accelerate your recovery. Its heating effect improves circulations and promotes muscular recovery. Great for healing, recovery and rehab;
  • Spiral stays with anti-slip provide additional support to the knee. Equal compression to muscle tissue helps reducing pain and swelling.;
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Recommended for: walking, hiking, jogging, running, workout, cross-training, running, cycling, gym, tennis, dancing, basketball and other exercises, and any activity that put stress on your knees;
  • Size Guide: (Please measure around the centre of your knee with your leg slightly bent) Small - 30 to 34cm, Medium - 34 to 38cm, Large - 38 to 42cm, XL - 42 to 46cm, XXL - 46 to 50cm.


NeoPhysio Knee Support Sleeve is made with the help of advanced knitting technique. 3 Dimensional knitting construction secures an anatomical shape and snug fit, distributes equal compression to muscle tissues, provides support to body parts and helps to relieve pain and swelling.

Spiral stay with anti-slip stay pocket can keep support in position and provide additional supporting strength to a weak or injured knee. Patella pad helps to stabilize kneecap and prevent dislocation. This knee support is ideal for injured knee or minor knee joint instability.

Designed for all day comfort, flexibility and ultra-durability. Comfortable for everyday wear. NeoPhysio Knee Support Sleeve provides maximum comfort and will stay in place without slipping even during the most strenuous exercise. Spiral stays with anti-slip help the knee sleeve stays in place under constant activity and you don’t have to readjust it.

NeoPhysio Knee Support Sleeve is designed for men and women to use during sports and daily activity. It is perfect for walking, hiking, jogging, running, workout, cross-training, running, cycling, gym, tennis, dancing, basketball, squats, lifting, skiing, High-Intensity Training, Cross-Fit and other exercises.

Available in sizes S – M – L – XL – XXL.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review