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At Supports Direct, we have been specialising in medical support items for over half a decade. We pride ourselves on supplying our clients with only the highest quality products, whilst also ensuring that we deliver a quality customer service, advising our customers with specialist information wherever possible. Our main priority is to ensure that our customers have a speedy recovery and are protected from any injuries which could be prevented by use of one of our products.

What is a Tennis Elbow Brace?

Tennis elbow braces are commonly suggested by physiotherapists and orthopaedic specialists to reinforce the muscle around the area of injury, aiding in the recovery of tennis elbow and such conditions. Whilst most cases of tennis elbow do not require surgery or corticosteroid treatment, a tennis elbow can be recommended on the basis that the lateral elbow muscles will be allowed to heal.

A tennis elbow brace can help to relieve the pain of tennis elbow very significantly. It can help to support the injured joint through the healing process, and it will instantly relieve the pain caused by tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. Use of a tennis elbow brace will allow you to return to work, or even continue with your sports or exercising regimes.

How Does a Tennis Elbow Brace Work?

Tennis Elbow Brace

A tennis elbow brace will relieve the area of injury from forces; reducing the impact of wear and tear during the recovery process, and protecting the healing area. The brace works to absorb the forces which would usually impact onto the injury site, causing pain. This means that you will experience less pain and the area will be relieved of constant forces, meaning that the recovery time will be significantly reduced.

A tennis elbow brace will not heal your injury straight away, but should ease the pain immediately, and will speed up your recovery time. Research suggests that a tennis elbow brace reduces pain and increases grip strength for mnay tennis elbow and golf elbow sufferers.

In order for the tennis elbow brace to work effectively, it is important to ensure it is used correctly on the area of needs. Place the brace around the widest part of your forearm whenever necessary, for example when engaging in activities which would otherwise be painful.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow Brace Diagram

Lateral epicondylitis, more commonly referred to as tennis elbow, is a condition causing pain to the outside of the elbow area. Tennis elbow often occurs after the overuse of the muscles and tendons near the elbow, or in the forearm. If the muscles are overused, tiny tears and swelling can occur on the outside of the elbow, more specifically on the bony lump which is medically referred to as the lateral epicondyle.

Tennis elbow can be caused by excessive use of the joint or forearm. It can be caused by activities which require repetitive motions, such as playing the violin, painting, or, as the name of the injury suggests, playing tennis. The following symptoms may suggest a case of tennis elbow:

• Pain on the upper forearm • Pain when lifting or bending the arm • Pain when doing out daily tasks such as holding a pen • Pain when twisting the forearm, as you would to open a door with a door handle • Difficulty when extending the arm fully

It is estimated that 1 in 3 people suffer from tennis elbow at some point in their lives. Tennis elbow is a self-limiting condition, meaning that it will eventually heal by itself without any treatment. Tennis elbow may only last for a few days, but it can last for several weeks or months, and in some more severe cases it can prevail for more than a year.

Invasive treatments such as surgery will only be considered where non-invasive solutions have been tried and have not been effective, and where the condition is severe and persistent. On discovery of tennis elbow, it is important to cease doing the activity which caused the injury in the first place as soon as possible. Pain relief medication such as paracetamol may be used to help relieve the suffering, or ibuprofen could be used to help to reduce the inflammation. The use of a tennis elbow brace may be advised by a physiotherapist to reduce recovery time and ease the pain of suffering.

Why Choose a Tennis Elbow Brace from Supports Direct?

Tennis Elbow Brace Instructions

At Supports Direct, we pride ourselves on delivering only the very best quality products for our clients. We care about the health and well-being of our clients, and we are extremely proud to provide specialist tennis elbow braces which are recommended by professional physiotherapists, and are able to significantly reduce pain to the injured area, aiding a fast recovery and ensuring that no further injury is obtained.

The tennis elbow braces we supply are made from a light weight, breathable material to ensure that no unnecessary strain is placed on the injured area, and that the skin around the area remains unaffected. The unique design includes a raised gel tendon pad for more comfort and support. The strong elastic ensures maximum comfort and fit for people of all ages and sizes.

Here at Supports Direct, we ensure that all our products are put through rigorous testing, to find out if they are of excellent quality for our clients. All our products have been approved by our specialists, affirming that they will provide fast and effective pain relief which you can rely on. You can count on Supports Direct to supply you with a magnetic knee support which will ensure your speedy recovery and prevent you from ever having to deal with injuries in the future.

At Supports Direct, we ensure that we continually update our stock to ensure that we are delivering the most up to date and innovative solutions for our clients. Each member of staff has a strong understanding of the medical supports market, and we are passionate about providing our customers with the high standard of stock and services with have shown since the beginning of our trade.

For more information on which tennis elbow brace is right for you, or information regarding any other medical support products we supply, our staff are always happy to advise you on which support item may be useful for your needs. Call us today on 01604 493385 for more advice and support.

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