3/4 length Orthotic Insoles | Great Arch Supports with Cushioned Heel Pad

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UK Shoe Size Guide:

XS = 3-4
Small = 5-6
Medium = 7-8
Large = 9-10
XL = 11-12

  • Are you suffering with: Plantar Fasciitis, Policeman's Heel, flat Feet, Lower Back Pain, Arthritis, Achilles Tendonitis, and Collapsed Arches?
  • If you spend all day on your feet, using arch supports regularly will sooth your foot pain away. So easy to use just insert them into your shoes / boots.
  • The deep contoured heel stabilizes the foot while the raised EVA arch provides support to the tendons.
  • Made from quality EVA foam with a gel shock absorbing pad in the heel.

Wearing arch supports will correct over pronated feet, this will give relief from foot, knee, leg and back pain.

Arch supports are also great for collapsed and fallen arches, this is caused when your tendons are not all pulling in the same way.

Flat feet will cause your feet to fall inward (over pronation), this has a knock-on effect to other parts of your body.

Having flat feet, fallen arches can produce pain in your calves, knees, back and can lead to a bad posture.

Wearing arch supports daily will help to correct your tendons in your arch.

If you have slightly collapsing arches then start supporting them now to prevent pain from occurring in the future.

They are a must if you spend all day working on your feet. Using the arch insoles regularly inside your shoes will soothe your painful feet.

Very easy to use, just slip them into your shoes, boots or trainers.

They can be worn while walking, running, exercising, dancing, working, etc.

Made from medical grade EVA foam with a soft velour top to reduce friction and improve comfort.

The NeoPhysio insoles have been designed with a shock absorbing pad in the heel.

This pad combined with the lightweight EVA foam is very effective at absorbing shocks and heel strikes.

The deep contoured heel stabilizes the foot while the raised EVA arch provides support to your tendons. This reduces pressure on the medial arch to aid rest and recovery.

Can be worn inside shoes, trainers, and boots. They will raise your heel up by around 1cm so they might not be suitable for tight fitting shoes/boots.

*Please Note: you may experience some pain and discomfort when you first start wearing them.

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