Advanced Breathable Lower Back Support Belt | Great for Active People

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Size Guide

To find your size please do not go by your trouser / skirt size. You need to measure around your stomach where the belt will be placed.


Small = 22-27" (57-69cm)
Medium = 27-32" (69-81cm)
Large = 32-36" (81-91cm)
XL = 36-42" (91-106cm)
XXL = 42-46" (106-116cm)
3XL = 46-50" (116-128cm)


  • The NeoPhysio lumbar brace offers fantastic all round protection during everyday activities.
  • The unique breathable back panel makes this lower back support ideal to wear while working, playing sports, driving a car or van, or at the gym.
  • The high-tech breathable mesh back panel incorporates 4 plastic support stays, providing firm yet comfortable support.
  • The belt is kept firmly in place during any activity using the two adjustable elastic straps.
  • The breathable back panel is designed to allow air to circulate your spine giving you unbeatable all day comfort whilst reducing sweaty back syndrome that you get from other back supports.
  • When wearing this back brace it will encourage correct back position and posture this will relieve pain and prevent/protect against injuries.


The NeoPhysio Advanced Breathable Neoprene Lumbar Support is designed specifically for active people and comes highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists.

The four plastic stays provide support and stability while the breathable mesh back panel makes this belt comfortable and flexible for daily use.

The 2 ventilated side straps and back panel allows air to circulate around your back reducing sweaty back syndrome that you get from other back supports.

The double-pull elastic straps provide extra stability and support when tightened, keeping the belt firmly in place during any activity. These unique criss-cross elastic straps pull the belt material tighter which enhances the effectiveness of the plastic stays.

Wearing this belt will improve posture and help with the treatment of back problems such as - slipped disc, degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, spinal stenosis and Sciatica.

This belt is ideal for providing extra support to people with a manual occupation or when playing a sport where bending and twisting is involved. It also promotes good posture by preventing slouching of the lower back.

Additional Details

22.00 (cm)
30.00 (cm)
2.50 (cm)

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