Breathable Wrist Support - Medical Grade Brace

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Size Guide:

Small = 13cm-15cm
Medium = 15cm-17cm
Large = 17cm-19cm
XL = 19cm-21cm


  • The high quality support conforms to ISO 13485 (CE) and is FDA approved.
  • The quality elastic fabric has tiny vents all around, allowing moisture to escape, this is ideal when wearing for any length of time.
  • 16cm long aluminium stay, when secured with the 6 Velcro straps provides plenty of support all around your wrist.
  • The lightweight but tough design makes the brace perfect to wear while working, it's also great for people who enjoy extreme sports or playing contact sports.


The NeoPhysio breathable wrist support is a MHRA Registered Class 1 Medical Device.

The grey elastic material is covered in tiny air vents to allow moisture to escape, keeping your hand and wrist cool and dry. This is ideal when wearing the wrist support for a long period of time.

A 16cm long 2.5cm wide aluminium stay runs along the length of the support. It starts in the palm of your hand and has a slight kink in it to match the bend of your wrist, it then runs about 10cm down the length of your arm. When the aluminium stay is tightened in place with the 6 Velcro straps, your wrist will be secured and immobilized. Being able to adjust the tightness of each Velcro strap makes this support very comfortable to wear.

The Velcro strap between the finger and thumb can start to ache after a while, to avoid this simply undo the strap and let your skin have a little rest.

Ideal to wear post-op to aid healing.

The aluminium stay can be removed and the elastic fabric can be hand washed in warm soapy water.

Lightweight but tough design makes this wrist brace perfect to wear while working, it is also great for people who enjoy extreme sports or playing contact sports.


  • 16cm long, 2.5cm wide aluminium stay to immobilizing your hand.
  • Quality, breathable elastic material for comfort.
  • 6 adjustable Velcro Straps, for custom support.
  • Removable metal stay for cleaning.

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