Magnetic Neoprene Shoulder Support | Can be worn on left and right shoulders

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  • Can be worn on BOTH LEFT and RIGHT shoulders.
  • One size fits all (average size) and is Unisex.
  • Contains 6 magnets, 3 placed on either side of your shoulder.
  • Comfortable to wear, perfect for working or when playing sports.
  • Made from high quality neoprene with large elastic strap.


The magnetic shoulder support helps to ease pain and aid mobility and can be worn on either shoulder.

The shoulder support is made from high quality neoprene material.

This is kept in place by a wide elastic strap with Velcro attachments at each end.

This design makes the support suitable for either shoulder.

6 magnets have been placed inside the neoprene material so 3 magnets sit on either side of your shoulder joint.

The neoprene material helps to retain body heat, creating warmth.

The warmth combined with the magnets helps to increase blood flow to your shoulder.

This can in some case relieve pain and aid healing.

Magnetic therapy is non-invasive and is used for pain relief of the joints and muscles.

The neoprene material is lightweight, flexible, and breathable.

The wide elastic strap makes this support comfortable to wear, making it ideal to wear while working or playing sports.

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