Mineral Enriched Gel Barrier Tubes - Quickly Protect & Soothe Your Toes & Fingers – Pack of 2

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  • Each pack contains 2 x tubes - Each tube is 15cm long and can be cut to size with sharp scissors... More than enough to treat all your toes!
  • Quickly and easily protect your fingers & toes from knocks, bumps, friction, and rubbing 
  • Perfect for corns, calluses, blisters, hammertoe, enlarged joints, finger/ toe lacerations & ulcerations.
  • The medical grade silicone gel has been enriched with mineral oil to soothe and soften your skin - this will also help when positioning the tube.
  • Completely reusable and washable - hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry (sprinkle the gel with talcum powder to prevent sticking)
  • The silicone gel will mould around your fingers and toes, you won't notice you're even wearing them.
  • They will comfortably fit inside your shoes, providing all day pain relief!


NeoPhysio toe tubes are made from silicone gel, wrapped in elasticated fabric on the outside. The silicone gel is enriched with mineral oil - this helps to soothe and soften your skin. 

The outside of the tube is wrapped in a soft elasticated fabric - making it extremely flexible whilst reducing friction and rubbing to the surrounding areas.

This combination provides superior comfort, shock absorption, and provides protection from knocks and bumps.

The tube provides gentle compression which helps to reduce swelling.

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