Tennis Golfer's Elbow Support with Removable Pressure Pad

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How to put the strap on:

  • Place your arm in the support and slide it up your arm to where it's needed.
  • Pull back on the Velcro to the required pressure.
  • Press the Velcro down anywhere on the outside of the strap.
  • If it's too loose or tight, simply peel the Velcro back and adjust.

This tennis elbow support is made from high-quality neoprene and is comfortable to wear all day. The whole outside layer of neoprene acts as an anchor for the Velcro fixing. This makes for infinite adjustment positions to suit your needs.


  • This strap is a MHRA Registered Class 1 Medical Device. It's made from medical grade neoprene fabric, with a raised tendon pad to focus the pressure where it's needed the most.
  • The quality neoprene is both lightweight and stretchable. One size fits most, for arm diameters ranging from 21cm to 55cm. Can be used on either arm.
  • The strap is easy to put on and adjust using the counter tug system. The large Velcro tab can be applied anywhere on the surface of the strap making adjusting the pressure quick and easy.
  • For Tennis Elbow, the tendon pad should be placed 1 - 2cm down from the tip of the elbow on the Outside of the arm. For Golfers Elbow on the Inside of the arm.

Instantly soothe pain and discomfort caused from the condition known as Lateral Epicondylitis more commonly known as Tennis Elbow Syndrome.

Pain and discomfort can be eased by putting pressure on the common extensor tendon. There's also some suggestion that putting pressure on the tendon before it becomes overstretched my help prevent this syndrome.

This tennis elbow strap has been specifically designed to help reduce pain by putting pressure on the tendon with the raised pressure pad, this helps to focus the pressure where it will be most beneficial.

The counter tug system has been designed in a way that makes putting on and adjusting this strap to the correct pressure very simple. Cheaper straps being sold do not have this system.

Just imagine trying to put a support on, in the correct position and to a tightness that's beneficial and comfortable, Just by using one hand. To make matters worse it's normally the arm that you use the most that needs the support, so if you're right handed you will have to use your left hand to put the support on.

The raised pressure point offers extra pressure on the muscles in the forearm. This helps relieve pain associated with elbow injuries and weakness, Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Muscle Strains.

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