Wraparound Compression Knee Support Neoprene Patella Tendon Brace

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  • Made from quality Neoprene (80%) and Nylon (20%). Neoprene is the same material wetsuit are made from. This acts as a tough second skin.
  • The neoprene provides compression that reduces swelling. This support can be used as part of the RICE method for soft tissue injuries.
  • One size. Will fit most Average size adults - Not suitable for children. Can be worn on both Left and Right legs.
  • Wearing this support while enjoying physical activities will reduce stress on your knee. Can be worn post-op to aid healing.
  • The Velcro Straps can be applied anywhere on surface of the brace for a customized fit.


The Wraparound knee support helps to ease pain and discomfort. It also prevents further injuries by providing support and compression around the whole of your knee.

It has been designed for the treatment and prevention of knee injuries by applying external pressure around the whole knee area.

Provides protection of the knee ligaments, bones and soft tissues.

The wraparound knee support works by applying constant dynamic forces to the surrounding area of the knee reducing the likelihood of overuse syndromes.

This adjustable knee support applies pressure to the tendon below the knee to reduce patella subluxations and improve patella tracking and elevation.

The knee support also helps strengthen knee joints and helps to reduce the risk of injury by adding pressure on the tendon above the knee.

Made from quality neoprene fabric which produces a mild massaging and warming effect that promotes healing. It also supplies moderate compression that improves blood flow.

It can be used to treat non-penetrating traumas and concussions of the knee joint and is recommended for a mild degree of unstable (loose) knee joints.

It also retains and stabilizes the patella, preventing dislocation and ensuring normal movement. The special design allows full mobility of the knee and is ideal to wear while playing most sports.

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