Quality Fabric Bunion Corrector with Aluminium Splint

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  • Very comfortable to wear the quality padded fabric has an aluminium splint inside.
  • The metal splint helps to realign your big toe to the correct position over time.
  • When worn the aluminium splint is secured down the side of your foot and toe.
  • Very easy to put on. The soft material and splint is secured in place with 3 touch tabs.
  • One in a pack - comes in Left and Right foot. MHRA Class 1 Medical Support.


The exact cause of bunions (hallux valgus) is unknown, but they tend to run in families. Wearing badly fitting shoes is also thought to make bunions worse.

There is no magic cure for bunions other than painful surgery, even then they return in 15% of cases. Surgery can causes complications, with around 10% of people reporting such problems as joint stiffness, nerve damage, lasting pain to the forefoot, and bone healing failure.

Surgery should only be considered as a last resort.

Wearing bunion correctors has been proven to reduce the size of the bunion in 75% of cases.

You will start to see the different between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on how bad your bunions are and how often you wear it.

The corrector will be uncomfortable to wear at first, you will be stretching the tendons and muscles in the opposite direction.

The best time to wear the corrector is at night as you will be off your feet, but you can also wear it during the day - Anytime you are not on your feet, like watching TV for example.

The first couple of times you wear the corrector you might feel pain. This is normal. The pain will be amplified at night when your body is resting because it will just be focusing on this signal.

Please persevere the pain should disappeared after a couple of sessions. If the pain is too much at night then wear it during the day so your toe gets used to being stretched.

The NeoPhysio Bunion corrector is made from quality padded material and features a metal splint that once in position will run down the side off your toe and foot.

They are much more comfortable and durable than the cheaper plastic ones for sale.

This corrector is cheaper and less painful than surgery!

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